Tricks to Make Jeans Look Expensive

Tricks to Make Jeans Look Expensive

Pick the right amount of stretch

Too much stretch will result in saggy and thin jeans, but a weightier pair is more durable. Try to find denim that’s 98 percent cotton and 2 percent elastane—look for Spandex or Lycra on the label—to get plenty use out of your jeans without them looking worn.

Avoid embellishment

Stick with subtle stitching over intricate back pockets. Gems and crazy designs tend to look tacky, but a plainer back looks sleek and will last the test of time. 

Say no to rips

Rips can look intentional and cool on designer jeans, but the tears tend to look rattier on cheaper pairs.

Find the right fit

If jeans sag in the back or pull in the front, you’ll be dooming yourself to an ill fitting pair. Length is just as important as waist size—too-long jeans will drag on the ground, creating unsightly tears and frays after being trampled.

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