Style Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together

Style Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together

Have a two-minute hairdo

Master at least one hairstyle that takes five minutes or less. If you’ve got time to spare, go all in on curls, braids,These styles generally last longer.

Buy clothes that hold up

Many brands offer non-iron dress shirts and T-shirts that will look polished even if they’ve been crammed into the bottom of your drawer. Additionally, cashmere, wool, polyester, and lyocell are more wrinkle resistant than fabrics like cotton, rayon, and silk.

Pay attention to your nails

Well-manicured nails show that you pay attention to detail. But this doesn’t have to mean hitting the salon every five days. A drop of cuticle oil with a clear shellac goes a long way in polishing your look. Or make your manicure last longer with a gel manicure, which can last up to 20 days.

Develop a quick makeup routine

Practice getting your everyday makeup look down to 15 minutes or less. Hit your local beauty counter to find the best shade for your coloring.

Take care of your things

Even the most expensive blazers and bags can look rundown if you don’t care for them properly.

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